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Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) Circular Cutter

The cutting processes of the Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) are using cross cutter and circular cutter which depend on the machinery design. The circular cutter is showed as below which is used at the trimming of the sheet on the copper clad laminate. It is also referred to some industry practitioners as a wheel cutter.

Jiuli Knives - Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) Circular Cutter

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Cutter

The printed circuit board (PCB) is composed of copper clad Laminate (CCL), etc. That is mainly divided into three categories according to the structure, namely single layer PCB and double layer PCB and multi Layer PCB.

The printed circuit board factory cuts the copper clad laminate into the process according to the width and length required by the customer until it is pressed into various types of plates (single layer PCB, double layer PCB or multi layer PCB), which requires different cutting knives for the processes. The circular knife shape described below is suitable for cutting of copper clad laminate and printed circuit board.

Jiuli Knives - Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Cutter

Circular Knife

The cutting direction of general industrial tools is nothing more than horizontal or vertical. The circular knife is widely used in longitudinal cutting in various industrial sectors and it’s called slitter knife and rotary knife also. The strips of the corrugated paper industry to the strips of plastic or metal sheets are all operated using circular knives. Even the printed circuit board (PCB) industry is inseparable to using circular knives.

The tungsten carbide blade of Jiuli Knives which can base on the client’s demand to produce mirror-finished. The circular knife (Slitter knife) has a mirror-like surface after the treatment which can reduce the flying debris of the cutting object and improve the quality of the object to be cut. Combining a circular knife (Slitter knife) with a pneumatic tool holder can effectively improve the efficiency of blades change.

Jiuli Knives - Circular knives

Because each field will use the circular knife (Slitter knife) to do the slitting. The size of the blade and the raw materials selected vary depending on the hardness of the object being cut. The commonly materials using are SK5、HSS、PHSS、SUS4407、SUS420J2、SKD11、52100 and tungsten carbide, etc.

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Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) Cutter

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is called the “mother of electronic products”. With the advent of the 5G era, the demand of Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) is also increasing, which carries the functions of conduction, insulation, and support of printed circuit board. Copper clad laminate (CCL) is already considered to be the most important part of the printed circuit board in the 5G era. The supply chain of an entire printed circuit board and copper clad laminate have moved because of the 5G demand.

Jiuli Knives - CCL Cutter -20180828

Jiuli Knives is also ready to face the challenge. How about you?

Jiuli Knives - CCL-Cutter-3

The copper clad laminated cutter is using on Aiki (RIOTECH) machinary. If you have any further demand, please send an E-mail to or

Prepreg (PP) Cutter

The major materials constituting the copper clad laminate are epoxy prepregs and copper foils. The epoxy prepreg is obtained by impregnating materials such as glass fiber cloth with epoxy resin, etc. and the dried product is cut into a size required by the customer’s requirements.

The customized epoxy prepreg used as a bonding material on the single-sided or double-sided copper clad laminated, which are laminated together on many sheets of the copper substrateds by thermal compression process. The cutter plays the role of precise cutting and error-free in the production processes of whole copper clad laminates.

Jiuli Knives - PP Cutter -0826

The PP cutter is using on ChungTa PP machinary. If you have any further demand, please do not hesitate to send an E-mail to or

Copper Foil Cutter

The processes of copper foil are complication. From a block of casted copper to thin copper foils, coils of thin foils are formed and undergo subsequent chemical and mechanical treatment until until those are formed into their final product.

After the process of surface treatment, copper foil maker needs to base on the client’s demand to cut the length and width of copper foil. At this time, the cutter impersonates a major role.

Jiuli Knives - Copper Foil Cutter

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Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) Cutter

Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) as reinforcing material which uses glass fiber to make glass cloth or wood pulp paper etc. then to impregnate with a varnish made primarily from epoxy or other resins, and is coated in copper foil on one side or both sides.

According to applications or material specifications, Copper Clad Laminate separates as Paper Phenolic CCL, Composite Epoxy Material CCL, Epoxy Material CCL, etc. to satisfy the variable products’ demands of electronic supplier chain.

Jiuli Knives - Copper Clad Laminate Cutter-1

Jiuli Knives produces high precision blades with mirror surfaced grinders to meet high shear strength, dust-free and accuracy in dimensions particularly in specified lengths. Our currently clients are first tier manufacturers of CCL in Taiwan and Mainland China. So, if you have any further demand, please do not hesitate to send an E-mail to or

CCL/PCB Cutter

There are many industries whom produce computer, communication and consumer electronics products in Taiwan. During the electronics products are popular, the supplier chain of printed circuit board (PCB) from the raw materials to the finish goods, those processes request cutter to cut the copper foil, copper clad laminate, prepreg, etc.

RL Cutter

How to cut those materials accurate in dimensions particularly and dust-free ? That’s the reason why first-tier of Taiwanese manufacturers are using Jiuli’s cutters in their processes.

The team of Jiuli Knives always select the most suitable material and execute strict quality control to assure our customers of getting the best efficiency and great benefits in the use of the knives.

RL Cutter - 1

The best quality and customer coming first are the faith what we uphold all the time. Continuously focus on providing with more competitive price, better selection and service is always our goal.

CCL / PCB Cutter

Copper Foil Cutter is used for Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) / Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications which is part of tool in the electronics supply chain industry . We have many clients whom are using our knives to do the following processes internally.

Tungsten Carbide Steel (TCT), Powder High-Speed Steel (PHSS), HSS, SKD-11, etc. raw materials are used, when the clients release the customization.

CCL-PCB Cutter