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Circular Knife

The cutting direction of general industrial tools is nothing more than horizontal or vertical. The circular knife is widely used in longitudinal cutting in various industrial sectors and it’s called slitter knife and rotary knife also. The strips of the corrugated paper industry to the strips of plastic or metal sheets are all operated using circular knives. Even the printed circuit board (PCB) industry is inseparable to using circular knives.

The tungsten carbide blade of Jiuli Knives which can base on the client’s demand to produce mirror-finished. The circular knife (Slitter knife) has a mirror-like surface after the treatment which can reduce the flying debris of the cutting object and improve the quality of the object to be cut. Combining a circular knife (Slitter knife) with a pneumatic tool holder can effectively improve the efficiency of blades change.

Jiuli Knives - Circular knives

Because each field will use the circular knife (Slitter knife) to do the slitting. The size of the blade and the raw materials selected vary depending on the hardness of the object being cut. The commonly materials using are SK5、HSS、PHSS、SUS4407、SUS420J2、SKD11、52100 and tungsten carbide, etc.

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The Pneumatic Score Knives Sets

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Various Paper –
Kraft Paper, Slicon Paper, Releasing Paper, Decoration Wall Paper, Masking, Paper, Adhesive Paper, Thick Paper Board, Corrugated Carton Paper, Sand Paper Various Plastic Films –
Flexible Laminated Films,Soft & Rigid, PVC Films, BOPP, PET, PS, LDPE, PLA, SBS, Various Adhesive Taper…etc Cloth/Fabrics –
Non-Woved Cloth, Synthetic Leaher, Natural Cotton, Mesh Cloth, Medical Foams –
PSP Foams, PE Foams…etc Rubbers –
Magnetic Rubbers, Rubber Sheets… etc Other Products –
Belt, Electrical wire belt…etc