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Copper Foil Cutter

The processes of copper foil are complication. From a block of casted copper to thin copper foils, coils of thin foils are formed and undergo subsequent chemical and mechanical treatment until until those are formed into their final product.

After the process of surface treatment, copper foil maker needs to base on the client’s demand to cut the length and width of copper foil. At this time, the cutter impersonates a major role.

Jiuli Knives - Copper Foil Cutter

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CCL/PCB Cutter

There are many industries whom produce computer, communication and consumer electronics products in Taiwan. During the electronics products are popular, the supplier chain of printed circuit board (PCB) from the raw materials to the finish goods, those processes request cutter to cut the copper foil, copper clad laminate, prepreg, etc.

RL Cutter

How to cut those materials accurate in dimensions particularly and dust-free ? That’s the reason why first-tier of Taiwanese manufacturers are using Jiuli’s cutters in their processes.

The team of Jiuli Knives always select the most suitable material and execute strict quality control to assure our customers of getting the best efficiency and great benefits in the use of the knives.

RL Cutter - 1

The best quality and customer coming first are the faith what we uphold all the time. Continuously focus on providing with more competitive price, better selection and service is always our goal.

CCL / PCB Cutter

Copper Foil Cutter is used for Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) / Printed Circuit Board (PCB) applications which is part of tool in the electronics supply chain industry . We have many clients whom are using our knives to do the following processes internally.

Tungsten Carbide Steel (TCT), Powder High-Speed Steel (PHSS), HSS, SKD-11, etc. raw materials are used, when the clients release the customization.

CCL-PCB Cutter