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Serrated Slotter Knives

The slotting knife used in the corrugated paper slotting machine is also one of the common customization blades. And each machinery factory often has their own slotting knife design concepts for different sizes and specifications. The serrated slotter knives are also a popular type to be using.

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Serrated Industrial Knife

Serrated Knife is also one of the common tool shapes industrial blades. For example, the cutting of the plastic film or paper on the packaging machinery which will use this type of serrated cutter. As far as the tool’s running direction is concerned, the running path of the circular serrated cutter is rolling; and the serrated cutter that runs up and down is widely used in various industrial fields.

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Sheeter Cutter

Depending on the design of the machine and equipment, the size and specifications etc. of the sheeter cutters are also different. However, the requirements for cutting blades from various manufacturers are almost the same. Those are, cutting must be sharp, wear-resistant, the life of the knife is long, and so on.

Also because every field has its own experts, the knowledge of a profession is totally different from the other field.

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Small Sharp Blades

The use of small sharp blades is quite extensive. Different industries have different expectations for shaped tungsten steel knives. For example, some customers use the tip of the knife to “point broken” the cutting material; there are also some customers who use the small shaped tungsten steel knife to cut thin flexible composite materials (such as carbon fiber and fiberglass, etc.).

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Helico-Sheeter Knives

There are two sets of helico-sheeter knives (1890*30*8mm; 2540*30*8mm) which are used on BHS machinery.

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These two sets of blades are typical cross cutter with serrated cutter and two are serrated cutters. Corrugated paper box industry’s helico-sheeter knives are commonly used in high-speed steel (HSS), HSS-inlay and powder high-speed steel (PHSS-inlay). Jiuli Knives can base on the client’s demand to customize the blade.

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Slotter Knives

The slotting knife has many types and shapes which depends on the different slotting applications. The knife is used for corrugated industry and our clients share their design concepts to co-adjust crease bearing bed and slotting knife bearing bed simultaneously for keeping cutting accuracy and avoiding slotting knife worn away etc. we also learn what we have been doing with our clients.

The knife is applied to high speed Flexo Printing for slotting cardboard and cartons. Jiuli Knives offer upper slotting knives with tip or without, serrated or non-serrated. We also have different tooth profiles to meet the different cutting requirements of any customer.

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Rewinder Slitter Knives

The rewinder is used in a wide range of applications, such as paper, film, metal foil and other industrial processes. The slitter knife is installed on the winder to cut the raw material, and the cut material is sequentially re-rolled into finished products. Therefore, the blade according to the speed of the winder, the material of the cutting material, etc., will also differ in the process of the blade manufacturing and the choice of materials.

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Slotter Knives

Slotter knives are one of the necessary blades in the packaging and corrugated paper industry. They include the upper and lower knives. The common upper knives include arc knives and curved serrated knives; the quality of the blade is gradually reduced as the cutting edge of the blade is worn, and cracks may be generated when the burrs are generated.

The following is the upper part of slotter knife, its service life directly affects the quality of the box slot and manufacturing costs.