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Crusher Knife

Crushing knives are widely used in various in industries. The purpose is to crush the object to be cut to the required size through the crusher knife. Therefore, plastics, food, metal and other industries will design the shape or size of crushing knives according to their crushing needs.

20200515 Jiuli Knives - Crusher Knife

The crushing knife in the picture above is actually used for crushing plastics. If you have such crusher knife requirements, please send an E-mail to or . Jiuli has rich experience in customization, and it will definitely meet your requirements for crushing knives.

Rotary Shear Blades

The production of blades has its expertise. Overcoming the difficulty of its own process and meeting the expectations of its clients has always been the goal of Jiuli Knives. Among them, the flatness has always been an indicator of the knife making process; how to solve the cumulative tolerance problem when multiple blades are placed on the machine at the same time? This is not only the consideration of the machine design, and it is also the proof of blade maker to control all the manufacturing processes.

Jiuli Knives - Rotary Shear Blade - 20190923

There is not cumulative tolerance when a single-piece slitting circular knife is using; However, when dozens or hundreds of circular knives are placed on the machine at the same time, adding a few tolerance of each blade will be a huge tolerances. Some industries have extremely stringent tolerance requirements for blades because this not only affects the efficiency of the cutting which also impacts the manufacturing costs (eg, the amount of scraps, etc.).

Jiuli Knives - Rotary Shear Blade - 20191118

Jiuli Knives has deep knowledge in the field of slitting circular knives and metal cutting knives and has accumulated a lot of experience in the use of flatness. So, if you have any rotary shear blade demand, please do not hesitate to write a mail to or .

Double Shear Blades

When the blade is manufactured, the raw material of the blade is selected according to the hardness of the cutting object. If the cutting object is stainless steel or all kinds of metal steel plates, the blade needs to be extremely high hardness with the wear resistance and toughness at the same time.

Jiuli Knives can base on clients’ applications to choose different raw materials which like high-quality alloy tool steel or high-speed steel, etc. Accurate dimensional specifications can fully meet the clients’ cutting requirements.

The current size of the double shear blade is: 3200 x 65 x18 mm, 3200 x 65 x24 mm, 3200 x 74.06 x24 mm, 3260 x 75 x22 mm, 4100 x 74.06 x24 mm…etc.

20190910 - Double Shear Blades

Circular Knife

The cutting direction of general industrial tools is nothing more than horizontal or vertical. The circular knife is widely used in longitudinal cutting in various industrial sectors and it’s called slitter knife and rotary knife also. The strips of the corrugated paper industry to the strips of plastic or metal sheets are all operated using circular knives. Even the printed circuit board (PCB) industry is inseparable to using circular knives.

The tungsten carbide blade of Jiuli Knives which can base on the client’s demand to produce mirror-finished. The circular knife (Slitter knife) has a mirror-like surface after the treatment which can reduce the flying debris of the cutting object and improve the quality of the object to be cut. Combining a circular knife (Slitter knife) with a pneumatic tool holder can effectively improve the efficiency of blades change.

Jiuli Knives - Circular knives

Because each field will use the circular knife (Slitter knife) to do the slitting. The size of the blade and the raw materials selected vary depending on the hardness of the object being cut. The commonly materials using are SK5、HSS、PHSS、SUS4407、SUS420J2、SKD11、52100 and tungsten carbide, etc.

If you have any further demand, please send an E-mail to or Jiuli Knives will provide the best tooling solution for your industry.

Shear Blades

There are many different forms of shear blade which should be single, double, V shape … shears for metal industries’ applications.

Jiuli Knives can base on the clients’ demand to custom the shear blade for individual application of machine. There are also many suitable material are used which like SKD-11/D2, DC53, K105, K110, K340, K306, SKD-61/H13, SKH9/ SKH51/M2, Powder HSS, TCT, etc.