Prepreg (PP) Cutter

The major materials constituting the copper clad laminate are epoxy prepregs and copper foils. The epoxy prepreg is obtained by impregnating materials such as glass fiber cloth with epoxy resin, etc. and the dried product is cut into a size required by the customer’s requirements.

The customized epoxy prepreg used as a bonding material on the single-sided or double-sided copper clad laminated, which are laminated together on many sheets of the copper substrateds by thermal compression process. The cutter plays the role of precise cutting and error-free in the production processes of whole copper clad laminates.

Jiuli Knives - PP Cutter -0826

The PP cutter is using on ChungTa PP machinary. If you have any further demand, please do not hesitate to send an E-mail to or