Double Shear Blades

When the blade is manufactured, the raw material of the blade is selected according to the hardness of the cutting object. If the cutting object is stainless steel or all kinds of metal steel plates, the blade needs to be extremely high hardness with the wear resistance and toughness at the same time.

Jiuli Knives can base on clients’ applications to choose different raw materials which like high-quality alloy tool steel or high-speed steel, etc. Accurate dimensional specifications can fully meet the clients’ cutting requirements.

The current size of the double shear blade is: 3200 x 65 x18 mm, 3200 x 65 x24 mm, 3200 x 74.06 x24 mm, 3260 x 75 x22 mm, 4100 x 74.06 x24 mm…etc.

20190910 - Double Shear Blades