Sheeter Knives

All of Jiuli Knives’ sheeter knives are manufactured to very stable and close tolerances to ensure straightness and parallelism for paper industry machinery. There are two operation types of rotary shear machinery, one is single-helical rotary cutting and the other one is dual-helical rotary cutting system. The sheeting processes generally consist of two blades working together as the whole rotary blade.

Raw Material: HSS, HSS-inlay and PHSS-inlay and TCT

Application for Machinery:
Golden Tec, GMC, Dayuan, Haosheng, Chancing, Dongteng, Zeno, etc. Sheeter Knives

No matter what material the clients’ requests, Jiuli Knives can base on the clients’ demands to provide the knife with correct bevel and alloy. Therefore, if you have any further demand, please do not hesitate to release a message to or