NC Sheeter Knives

The Numerical Control Sheeter Knives is known as NC Sheeter Knives. NC is the abbreviation of Numerical Control which transfers machining conditions, workpiece dimensions, mechanical bearing speeds, etc. into the controller through a series of commands to control the operation of the machine.

The NC sheeter knives are used in the numerical control machine as its name suggests. How to make the sheeter blade going faster on the high-speed rotation of the bearing and making the upper and lower cutter still cut sharply? This requires high straightness and stability of the blade during production processes, and the grinding tolerances need to be fairly accurate.

Jiuli Knives - NC Sheeter Knives

The NC sheeter knives are used on LMC Machinery. The dimensions of the blades are:

1920*40.92*12mm, 1920*36.2*12mm, 2320*40.92*12mm, 2320*36.2*12mm, 2620*40.92*12mm,                                        2620*36.2*12mm,

…. etc.

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