Crusher Blade

The principle of the crusher blade is to use a set of running knives to smash the target (pulverized material). When the target (pulverized material) is broken by the crusher blade, the blade is gradually worn out.

There are many applications at different industries which are using crusher knives . Therefore, Jiuli Knives will base on the client’s application to select the right material to produce the crusher blade, and it will influence the wear resistance and toughness of the crusher knife to be optimized, the product life of the blade to be increased, the pulverizing ability to be maximized and the thickness of the pulverized powder is uniform.

Jiuli Knives - Crusher Knives

How to provide a set of sharp and hard with durable tools for the clients requires professional judgment. The crusher knife is commonly used in wood and plastic recycling industries, which should be chosen A8, SKD, HSS-inlay and tungsten carbide steel inlay raw material.

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If you have any crusher knife demand, please send an E-mail to or . Jiuli Knives will provide the best tooling solution for your industry.