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Serrated Knife

Although customized knives require longer working time in the initial development phase. However, once the sample is produced, subsequent processes to quantification are relatively easy. Therefore, in the initial stage of sample production, Customers need to be patiently waiting.

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Serrated Industrial Knife

Serrated Knife is also one of the common tool shapes industrial blades. For example, the cutting of the plastic film or paper on the packaging machinery which will use this type of serrated cutter. As far as the tool’s running direction is concerned, the running path of the circular serrated cutter is rolling; and the serrated cutter that runs up and down is widely used in various industrial fields.

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Circular Teeth Blade

Circular Teeth Blades are widely used, and are generally known in the sawing sector of the wood industry. In fact, round-blade knives are also widely used in other industries. For example, cutting of food or food packaging, cutting of plastic film or paper, etc.

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According to the requirements of different industrial applications, the tooth shape, number of teeth, tooth pitch and angle of the cirular teeth blades will affect the selection of the raw material and production process. Therefore, if you have any demand for the circular teeth blade, please send an E-mail to jiuliknives@gmail.com or sales@jiuliknives.com . We have decades of blade manufacturing experience and we can surely produce the blade to meet your requests.

Serrated Knives

Serrated blade is a type of blade used at Corrugated Packing industry. It’s working with Sheeter knife together as a module. Corrugated Boxes are used as shipping containers for each businesses, and one of the important functions of a corrugated box is to protect the goods inside the box.

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