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Ice Scrapter Blade

What is 52100 steel material?

We often encounter different customers who have a “custom” usage of steel numbers on the market. Just like the habit of using centimeters in weights and measures, suddenly it has to be converted into inch, and there will be some hesitation. Therefore, sometimes some customers ask, what is the steel marked on the quotation?

When Jiuli quotes, we sometimes fall into “habits” without knowing it. We think that some information is a common language in the industry and we ignore the fact that there are the other names of steel names in the market. This is one of the special phenomena in the field of industrial blade.

The illustration below is a 52100 ice scraper that is customized for American client. Corresponding the other national steel numbers are also presented as follows.

Jiuli Knives - Ice Scraper Knife

Ice Resurfacer Knives

There are many sports performed on an ice rink, which like ice skating, ice hockey, etc. The maintenance crew forms the ice in several different layers and in many steps to clean and smooth the surface of a sheet of ice.

Jiuli Knives provides ice resurfacers for the clients to apply the businesses at the fields. We also can base on the clients’ demands to customize the ice scraper.

The brand name of ice resurfacing machines is showed as below:

: Ice resurfacer blade