Shredder Knives

The design principle of the pulverizer is to use a set of high speed running knives to strike the pulverized material. The common pulverizers are available in single-axis and multi-axis designs. The two-axis pulverizer blade is processed by the combination of tearing, cutting and shearing between two sets of disc blades to destroy the pulverized material with powerful force. Therefore, the pulverizer is widely used in industrial fields such as rubber, plastics, wood, feed, food and recycling, etc.

In addition to affecting the life of the blade, the quality of the pulverizing knife plays a decisive role in the thickness of the pulverized material. Thus, Jiuli Knives will base on the client’s application and industry field to select raw material.Optimize the wear resistance and toughness of the pulverizing knife to ensure the life of the shredder knife increases.

Jiuli Knives - Shredder Knives

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