Heat Treatment for Industry Knives

In the manufacturing process of industrial knives, the quality of heat treatment has an absolute impact on the performance of the blade. Metal materials change the whole or surface structure of the material through heat treatment to obtain the required properties (such as hardness, toughness,etc.). Therefore, the industry refers to the four major links in heat treatment as “four fires”, which are annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering.

In the early stage of blade design, due to its industrial application, a suitable steel is selected to make the blade.However, various steels also have their corresponding characteristics, and their characteristics can only be exerted through proper heat treatment.

Jiuli Knives - Heat Treatment for Industry Knives

The picture above shows the appearance of some knives after heat treatment and grinding. In this regard, if you have such knife inquiries, please write to jiuliknives@gmail.com or sales@jiuliknives.com . Jiuli knife has rich experience in customization, and it will definitely meet your requirements for the knife.